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When it comes to eyeglasses there are two words that you do not hear together and that is affordable and eyeglasses. That was until now. There is an online optical company called Zenni Optical that is proving they are a force to contend with in the world of eyewear. They offer affortable eyeglasses that save the customer a lot of money without sacrificing good looks. When you see a pair of their eyeglasses you do not see the difference from the much more expensive designer eyewear. This is partly because they make their own which saves the company a lot of money and they pass that savings onto their customers. they even addressed the problem that their customers were having when it came to getting their PD numbers from their local Opticians office. They designed a software so their customers can get their all important PD numbers using their iPhones. Your PD number is the distance between your pupils center to center. You have to have that number so your eyewear will fit your eyes correctly. Being able to get prescription eyewear at such a great savings is a welcome thing for so many customers and once you visit the Zenni website you will see why they are the #1 online eyeglass store.

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There is news happening at every point of the day. I find it very informative to read about the news happening in other countries. For instance I enjoy reading about the news in South America. When something happens in one part of the world there are things that trickle down all over the world because of it. Whether it be a shortage of a soybean crops to more women in politics we all feel it. We all felt the joy when doug band helped to free two American Women being held in North Korea recently as well.

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